A Few Eerie Things

For Tonya’s Weird Experiences in no particular order-

I had this dream early May of 1992. In it I was standing outside at my Grandparent’s house and it was almost dark. The sky was gray as if it was about to storm and the wind was warm and blowing. Suddenly, a coroner wagon pulled into the neighbor’s yard and the coroner got out and asked my Grandfather to help in removal of the body, to which he did. I thought that the husband of my Grandfather’s double first cousin had died and they removed him on a gurney under a white sheet. Well, when they walked past me…his hand fell out from under the sheet. Next, it was later and dark outside. I thought I was in my Grandparent’s house and I was sitting at the table and looking out the sliding glass door. Then, I saw the man who had died earlier walk slowly up the driveway with his wife behind him. They came inside and his wife was so happy to have him back that she kept saying, “Oh look! He is back!” Then, she touched his forehead and looked around in fear…and ran out the door. Then my family said, “Oh dear Lord, no!” However, the man paid them no heed…he looked at me and walked towards me. Then I noticed that it wasn’t really who I thought it was but a different man. He wore black rimmed glasses and a brown flannel shirt with pants. I woke up freaked out over the dream. Later that same month the man who I thought was dead…actually died in real life! Next, in Sept. that year, my Aunt’s Dad died and when I we to look at him in the casket…he had black rimmed glasses and a brown flannel shirt with pants!!!! I left the funeral home white as a sheet. I instantly thought of the dream.

My Grandmother (who is a very level headed and sensible person) had a very strange thing happen to her three nights in a row. In 1996, in June, she had to be put into the hospital for her leg. Well, that night we all got a an urgent phone call from the nurse and we rushed to be by my grandmother’s side.
I had never seen her so afraid in my life! It frightened me. So, I knew that she had to have seen something strange…I sat down by her bedside and asked her to talk about it. She told me that in the next room there had been a lady walking around like she was busy cleaning or something. No one seemed to notice this woman except my Grandmother. So, she asked the nurse who she was…the nurse assured her that no one was there!
Second night-the same thing happened. Only this time the lady slowly turned to face her……
third night-the lady turned around and my Grandmother swore that her face was blurred out! But the woman physically turned a fan off! Where her face should’ve been was a blur!! So, My Grandmother was scared. However, she got up the nerve to wave to the woman…..but she said the lady did not wave back -and she got the distinct impression that the lady was sad. This scared the crap out of me!!

In May of 1991, I was sitting on my porch in bright sunshine….
When out of the corner of my eye I saw a big black reaper figure. It was over six feet tall and it just stood there. I could see the folds in it’s robes! So, I looked again and it was gone.
Later that day a woman who lived up the road from us shot and killed her husband!! I was creeped out pretty badly.

This is about an object I saw. My Brother had just introduced me to his friend in July 1992. (This is the same friend who heard the growl in his hallway) Well, the 3 of us were walking towards my brother’s and my house, talking, as it was getting late.
We had to walk thru an alley which had a train track on a hill (not too big of a hill) Across the track on our left, there was a house with a hedge there. I looked at the hedge and saw the creepiest thing!!
It was a big round globe-like thing (looked like the planet saturn) on a long black robe! As we passed this house it turned and watched us go!
My brother looked but saw a black robed figure sitting on the train tracks(nothing in on the hedge!) Our friend saw a flash of white light in the tree tops. All of us were looking athe same place and NONE of us saw the exact same thing!! This scares me to this day! We still don’t know what it was or why we saw what we did.

My husband’s cousin is a special child and he has the gift of seeing spirits….Well, one night back in 1999-His mother and brother were over at my house playing video games and D comes over and sits down to play. The next instant he says he saw a ghost. It woke him up! He drew a picture of a coffin (in his eyes it was a box) that had a latch on it.
He said the sun shone on it and the water fell on it….he tried to make us understand what he was shown. Well, In April, 2000 They were over and it was dark outside. Well, D suddenly walked down to my light (dusk-to-dawn light) and leaned against it as if he was deep in conversation with someone. I watched him talking to nothing! So, I went out there to ask him
whom was he was speaking to and he got all upset and wanted me to go inside Then he touched the light post and I swear that light went out as pretty as you please!. He came in after me and said a man was there wearing all black and with a frown. He scared D. Afterwards, D would see strange sights and he still does. Now D was close to his Aunt (my Husband’s Mother) Well, she passed away on 2/14/01 and the sun shined and it rained!! We think he saw Death and spoke to him.

On Feb. 22, 2001- My husband was asleep-but I was lying awake in bed. Suddenly, I watched as a huge black shadow swept through the room and took the form of a man! He stood at the foot of our bed and I nudged George awake and he said “I see it!” Then, it receded back and left. (we later found out that the mother of one of his Aunts by marriage had died at that time) Needless to say it made our hair stand up!! It left a depressing atmosphere.

My Mother has dreams of death and they usually come true. If she dreams of caskets, someone dies. In 1986, she dreamt of attending a funeral and crying what seemed like buckets of tears. She saw her Father in a brown suit and saw her Sister.in.law bring in a plate of fried chicken on a blue willow plate. In the blue casket was her uncle who looked much younger. In 1987, Mom lost her husband to a Heart attack….he was put in a blue casket. Her Dad wore a brown suit…and she watched her Sister.in.law bring in fried chicken on a blue willow plate.

My Mother-in-Law told me of seeing her own MiL walk around her front porch and ask where her son was and why they weren’t with her, that she needed them. Thing is…my Mother-in-Law was in KY at the time and her MiL was in Ohio, being put into a hospital at that time!!

When I was 13 years old, I lived in an old two story house. Everyone claimed it was haunted and my Mother could sense a presence in it. Well, the people who lived in it before, moved after spending only one night in it…
because the lady had seen a woman standing wringing her hands saying she was cold….Well, one September day, my brother & I were out playing in our front yard, while Dad was gone and Mom was sitting on the porch. ((NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE HOUSE!)) Our dog started looking up at my bedroom window on the second floor and I looked up and saw my bedroom light was on and my curtain was parted and the shadow of a small lady was staring down at us! I told my brother to look up and he saw it, too. Next, we looked at each other then, back up and saw that the light was off and the curtain was closed and the lady was gone! We were spooked and we still talk about it to this day.

My parents were in Germany in the early 1970’s (they got divorced in ’75) They lived in an upper apartment which was high from the ground. Well, one morning at 4:00 am, he was up shining his shoes. (Was in the Army) Now, it is still dark outside and he happened to glance at the window. There, he saw his long dead Mother holding a stick and telling him that if he didn’t do better that she’d use that stick on him. My Mom said he was as white as snow when he woke her to tell her about it. (He ended up in prison)

I was asleep one morning-when I heard three sharp knocks on a door….well, I thought Mom was doing something so I got up to check. No one was in the house, but me! I went to both doors and no one…then, it dawned on me that the knocks had been on my bedroom door! (I had a glass door) I felt my blood drain to my feet!! So, I called my Grandmother’s house and told Mom to get home as fast as she could! Next, I sat down and closed my eyes until she came in. She says I was whiter than this paper. I was very scared, this happened in March of 1991.
*On Halloween of 1991, my(Step, I considered him my Dad] Dad’s Mother died. I think the knocks were warning me of her death.

In July of 2001, I had a nightmare about a plane crashing at my Grandparent’s house and two huge walls of fire moving around them. (My Grandparent’s anniversary is 9-11!! Also, my husband had a dream about an earthquake. Well, this was in August of 2001–Later that day, we went to a park and we heard some people talking about the 1811 EQ that hit the New Madrid fault and shook bells in Boston, MA. We freaked and went home…but my husband was sure it meant the world would mourn. Then of course, 9-11 happened.

On Easter Sunday in 1997 8:59 PM-My Brother and I were getting ready to watch a tv show and we were the only two who were awake at the time. Well, on the tv sat a large stuffed dog and suddenly, it flew across the room at my Brother! We looked at each other and couldn’t figure out why the dog had done that. It seemed as if an invisible hand slapped it towards J.

November 2000-My Husband and I were in our home when he looked at me and said, “What on earth is that?” I looked at him blankly because, I had heard nothing. He said it sounded like a pie tin hitting all around the outside of the house. He went to look and found nothing. When he came back inside, he saw a white figure pass by the hall doorway. I saw nothing.

July 30th, 2000-My Mother was staying all night with me and my Husband was working third shift. We were watching The Blair Witch Project when I heard a knock on my door. Mom looked at me funny when I jumped to answer it. I thought it was my Husband’s Aunt and I even asked her what she wanted. When I looked, there was no one there. My Mom said she had not even heard the knocks.

In 2000, Summer-I heard my Father-in-law knock on our door. I jumped to answer the door and no one was there. I know his knock and was sure it was him. Well, when I turned away from the door, I heard the knock again. I ran to tell my Husband…who hadn’t heard anything.

August 7th, 2000-I was outside late, early in the Am, when I looked at my in-law’s house. I saw a ball of red light in the yard and when I looked on their porch, I saw a woman in white open the door and walk in the house! Thing is, my Husband’s Mother was very sick at the time and was bedridden!!! She passed on February, 14th 2001.

On November 9th, 1987-Mom and Dad were eating breakfast at a restaurant. Dad had just been to see the Dr. and was told he was in good shape. Well, Mom and Dad watched a bird fall from the sky, dead. That same night, Dad died of a massive Heart attack.

April of 1998-While in my in-law’s house with my Husband, we were the only two there at the time. I was walking downstairs to go to the kitchen where my Husband was making an Easter cake. Well, I heard footsteps follow me down those stairs and nothing was behind me.

February 13th, 2001-My Mother-in-law was in the hospital and several of her Brothers and Sisters were in the room with her. One Sister in particular was sitting with me in the window. Suddenly, a black shape stood at the door and came across the room and passed through us and the window!! I saw my MiL’s life flash before my eyes! How she played with my Husband and his Sister when they were little. The Sister looked at me and I at her, we looked out the window and a mist was passing across the lot. None of the other siblings noticed it. They either didn’t see it or thought it was an electrical problem. The next night, She passed away.

In 1974-My Grandfather had to go to the hospital because his Mother had had a stroke. When he got to the floor, he saw her standing beside her doorway and she looked at him then vanished. She passed away later.
Saturday October 16th-I awoke with a feeling of dread and sensed that something bad was going to take place that very day. I thought of someone bringing a shot gun to my workplace. At 6pm est, a truck crashed through the doors there and it sounded like shotguns going off. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

In the summer of 1998, I had this weird, creepy dream. In it, I was standing on the right side of our local cemetery. Everything was in pitch blackness, as if it was deep in the night. Now this cemetery is divided by a road going up the mountain, the road goes up to the top. But halfway, the road goes from left to right.
I thought I saw a woman walking up the road in the darkness. I could see that she had a long black dress on and a black veil. How could I see this, you ask? Well, from under the veil was shining a bright white light. Odd, yes. But then she stopped and looked at me. I still shiver when I think about that dream!
I saw a relative of mine and she was crying her eyes out in misery. Just heartbroken.
Fast forward to March 4th 1999, My Great-Aunt died from an aneurysm she had had on Feb. 28th. Okay, this Great-Aunt was the Mother-in-Law of the woman that I had seen crying in my dream!!
But hold on, On March 17, 1999, My Great-Aunt’s only son died. This
man was the husband of the woman I had seen bawling her eyes out in my dream. It still freaks me out to think of all that. Also in the dream, I was standing at the spot where both were to be buried.

August 27th 1996-My brother, J. saw a large orange light flashing over a space of 30 minutes at Economy Drug store in South Williamson, Ky. J.S. was working the gas station window and my brother, J. was standing there talking to him. They both witnessed this light and a third person also saw it, but hurriedly filled his gas tank and left.
*In February of 2001-C.G. (one of the gas station attendants for Economy Drug store got killed in a crash.) *Also later in 2001-The man who owned EDS dropped
dead in the store of a heart attack. 2005-The store closed and was torn down.

1996/97-My husband George’s family had a black and white cat named LC This cat was very distinct looking because it had survived a stroke earlier. So, it’s neck was twisted to the side and as I have stated, it was distinctive. Well, one night after the cat had died…. George’s parents were gone but my Brother [who was dating George’s Sister at the time were in the house.] Next door…George’s Aunt and Uncle had looked out and seen LC!! They saw it sitting in the road with it’s head twisted sideways (The cat was buried beneath George’s window in truth.) But their Aunt called and had Amanda and Jason take a look outside and tell them what they saw. And they saw LC sitting in the road just like he was alive. Then the cat vanished.

August 27, 1996-[Tuesday] A co-worker, Billy B., told me, he kept seeing a tall blonde woman crying around me. -August 29, 1996-[Thursday] I went to watch a movie with Billy…I asked him what time it was…and he said 6:05 pm. *The next day-I found out my cousin, a tall blonde lady, had gotten killed the previous evening at 6:10 pm. She had been killed in a car accident on the 29th of August, 1996.*

I was 14 going on 15 in the summer of 1985, when I had this dream:
In this dream, I thought I saw my brother and myself standing in front of our grandparent’s home and it was just about dark. Suddenly, our dad drives fast by us in his green car and he never looked at us but kept staring straight ahead. He was wearing his work uniform and had his arms rigidly straight while he drove away. Next, I thought I saw him drive off the bridge and go down in muddy water. He never re-surfaced, either.
At the time, I thought it was a warning of my great-grandmother’s passing.
*She died on November 10, 1985.
*On November 9, 1987, Dad had a heart attack and he went with his uncle to the hospital wearing his work uniform holding his arms rigidly out in front of him. They passed under every green light but dad died in the car!*

As of February 23rd 2005-
Mom has been dreaming of 3 boys sitting up in caskets looking at her. Plus, she is having a new dream reoccur now.
In it, she is on a pretty cemetery and she watches as a casket is lifted from a grave and the vault taken from it…(a bronze casket) Then a man sits up inside it, while it is still in mid-air! He reaches to Mom and claims that he was buried alive. ((Brr!)) She is sure that we will lose a family member soon. The dreams turned into my brother and his estranged wife((who is my husband’s sister)) in the caskets. They would sit up and say they weren’t dead. Brr!
-May 2005–Mom keeps dreaming of graves and caskets in the day and night time. BRRR!!! We both know something really bad is ahead. Anytime Mom dreams of caskets, it foretells accidents and death. It may take a while but it does come to pass.
*On July 9th-My Brother was in a bad truck accident breaking his jaw and 6 ribs!!
*Sept 17th, 2005-My Brother, Jason’s best friend died.
*Jan 17th, 2008-Mom’s Mother Died.
*Sept 11th, 2008-Mom’s Father Died.
Friday, October 07, 2005-9:35 PM-Mom just called a while ago and told me a few things that scared the hell out of me!
A.Wednesday night 10/5/2005- My Grandmother dreamt of a large black wolf like face in front of her. When she woke up, it was still there! She even threw up her arms to fend this thing off. It had long stringy black hair and a snout but no teeth. It terrified Mawmaw.
B.Mom had a dream last night 10/7/2005-Early am, this morning. In this dream, she was standing on a cemetery and everyone in the cemetery was being supported above their graves. All of the people were sitting up reaching for her. Thing is, it was everyone she knew!
**Update: There was a lot of close deaths that did happen after her dreams of caskets!
*September 17th 2005-Her son’s best friend died.
*October 21st 2005-Her Son-in-law’s Grandmother died.-
*November 3rd 2005-Her Son-in-law’s Sister lost her baby.
*April 23rd 2006-Her Son-in-law’s Uncle died.
*August 10th 2006-Another of Her Son-in-law’s Uncles died.
*January 17th 2008-Her Mother died.
*June 5th 2008-Her Son-in-law’s Grandfather died.
*September 11th 2008-Her Father died on her parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Fire Eating Thing-This tale was told to me by my husband and his family. I am not sure of the year but I will say approximately around 1900 or in those years this event happened.
My husband’s Mother’s Grandmother and Grandfather lived in Martin County, Ky and this was a very rural area especially during that timeframe. Well, one night they heard a knocking at their door and the man went to open the door. The next instant, he was flat on his back screaming for his wife to shut the door because he had just seen the devil outside!
Well, they kept hearing this thing jump from hill to hill all night long as they sat shaking and praying for mercy.
The next day, a neighbor came over and related his tale of how he had poked a red hot fire poker through his door and the creature ate the fire on it and begged for more! This thing walked upright on two feet that were said to be cloven hoofed.
What was it and why did it show itself to them?

This next event took place around 1994 or so, it happened at the house of our friend Marshall. This house was very haunted and it was built next to the local cemetery mentioned above in my dream. There were reports from others that claimed to see Marshall on this cemetery, when he was nowhere around. And I myself have seen Marshall’s doppleganger a few times. And another thing, in this house, I saw a figure open his Mother’s door when she was not in the house. It looked like his Grandmother, but she was NOT there! This figure opened the bedroom door, peered out at me, (it was a shadow figure) and then closed the door back. That house gave everyone the shivers. It is no longer standing, (such a shame) but here are two more experiences in it. Marshall had my future husband over to stay all night with him and he went to his kitchen and on the way back through the hallway in that SCARY house, M heard his name growled out. He ran back to the room and found out no one could possibly have done it.
Another time, those two walked me home and when they got back down to that house, M’s mother’s boyfriend looked through the frosted panes of the door that separated the living room from the hallway and saw a long haired figure walk in behind them. This figure stopped and stared through the frosted door panes at him and it freaked him out!! The guy thought it was me but my friends had walked me home and had come back through the hallway. Evidently, they had a follower that stopped to stare through that frosted paned door at him. This gives me chills!

Let me share what my Mother saw in August of 1996, we were on our way home from a funeral (the tall blonde woman who had gotten killed in a car wreck) and it was dusk dark. Well, the road was kinda spooky anyway and Mom looks up into her rearview mirror and screams then, she hits the gas…By this time, I am wondering what the hell! So, I ask her what she saw.
She just keeps staring at that rvm and trying to get home fast. I look around thinking she saw something in the road. When we got home, She got out of the car and told me that she had seen something in the backseat!!! Sitting behind me!! Mom described this thing at that time as having long grayish black hair with a grayish face but there was no eyes in it’s head. It was behind me, but it was facing her in the rear-view-mirror! This scared me terribly!

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