From My Haunted Diary

Still more from my Haunted Diary-In no order-

10/26/00-Thursday-I was sitting outside with my Husband’s aunt on their porch and this was after hours of trick or treat. It was all quiet and I think D had taken the kids trick or treating and we were waiting for them to get back. B and A were gone and it was dark over at their house and G was at work. As S and I were talking, we saw a blue light coming from inside her house! It was as if their TV was on but showing only a blue screen. Thing is, in technical terms-the blue screen is often called the blue screen of death. There was nothing on in the house to cause the blue light.

1999/2000-One night, A, A, and I were sitting in the dining room talking when the 3 of us heard a crashing noise as of a plate hitting the floor. We looked all over for the source of the noise and when we came back through the dining room, there was a plate on the floor that J had given A! We walked by that place at least 2x without it being there and then suddenly it was there in the middle of the floor! -Around that time, A and I were sitting in the Dining room talking when we heard a bottle of syrup fall from the refrigerator and it SQUEALED all the way to the floor! We looked at each other and could not believe what we had heard! Sure enough I found the bottle of syrup laying in the floor. No one else was in the house!

2/25/00-Friday-S and I were sitting out on our porch and as we talked we noticed a flash of white light in the sky. There were no storms or anything else in the sky to have caused this!

3/5/00-Sunday-S and her sons saw a bright light on the road and there was nothing to cause it.

2000-Summer-When B and A were gone and no one was in the house, S saw a light come on in B’s music room upstairs and then go off.

In the 1980’s and 90’s-G and A used to stay at home when their parents went on long trips and just before they’d get home, they would hear B’s bass playing downstairs or they would hear B whistle for them or holler for them and they’d go check and their parents would not be home yet.

2000-G, A, and I were alone at the house and we were sitting at the dining room table talking. Well, A and I hear a man growl in a low voice and G never heard a thing!

1/10/09-G and I went to M and C’s new home for the first time and while there a few things happened. First, M and I were downstairs talking right at the bottom of the staircase while G and C where upstairs laughing about something. As M and I were standing near his closet door, we heard a low growl! And we heard it over top of G and C’s laughing! We couldn’t find what caused it. Next, as I was getting ready to go up the stairs, I distinctly felt a hand press into my back between my shoulder blades and deliberately push me towards the steps! No one was behind me at that time! -Another incident that same weekend, I was walking upon the balcony going to the upstairs room where the others were and I felt a bare arm brush my bare arm against the wall! It was male and moving fast! I felt skin upon skin contact but saw nothing. -The other thing that happened was I walked by the open doorway of their bedroom and I saw a male standing in the doorway but his face was blurred out. It was not the same as what I had seen at M’s Funeral Home in 2005. This was brief and gone in a flash. -Later in the night, the 4 of us, got creeped out upstairs and G distinctly got scared! He felt something evil in that place and it seemed to be downstairs! None of us would venture downstairs and G was even in tears! Nearly every time G has been in that house for a long period of time, he has been adversely affected by it! One night, I swore I heard M chattering away to C and when I asked C about it the next day, she said that she had been sound asleep and M had just come to bed and fallen asleep. I know I had heard M’s voice and it kept me awake! They were upstairs and we slept downstairs!

2006-While M and C still lived in his Grandmother’s trailer, they would hear his deceased Grandmother talking. -Plus, someone would unplug C’s doll oven. They said that F had the habit of unplugging things. -A neighbor had told M that one night while they were all gone, they [the neighbors] had seen a large black shape/shadow walking about in J’s and M’s yard!

One night when M + C still lived with J, C was laying down in the back room alone, or so she thought. She claimed that she rolled over and heard a man’s voice say, “Nooo!” And it seemed to get farther away as it went on. It sounded like it was falling. She couldn’t see anyone there.

While at her home, C was asleep when, she was awakened by something like a fist punching up through her mattress! She even punched back at it to stop it! There was nothing there. In 2009-C’s Sister C admitted to having a similar experience.

Around 2005-While C and M were at their Pikeville Funeral Home, one night, C was asleep and she kept hearing someone whispering in her ear. She tried to swat them away and then she reached her foot back to see if M was there and he was. She looked at him and wanted to know if he was whispering in her ear and he told her no. Then she realized that if he wanted to wake her he would just wake her. She got creeped out!

In this same place, they would hear voices in the hallway and in the dining area when there would be no other people in there. Even G heard them one night when he was staying there waiting for them to come back. Also, I had set up a video camera and let it record all night, and during the night while we were asleep, there were some voices picked up on the camera and a couple of times, the light seemed to dim.

9/2001-C was videotaping us as we went ghost hunting. In the chapel around Midnight, G says, “I feel that whatever is here can manifest itself” Or something like that and when C and M played the tape back a day or so later, she saw a shadow rise up between us right as G said that and its shadow went right through our midst! You could see its shadow on my face!

Plus, it seemed that whatever was in that place was playful. If we felt it in the chapel and went to the chapel, it would go to another part of the place.

2006-M and C were living in the B Funeral Home and I HATED that place! It scared the bejebbers out of me! One night, the last night I stayed all night there, I heard a pecking on the 2nd floor window and I kept hearing what sounded like windbreaker pants walking rapidly by my head! Nothing caused that noise. -Plus, whatever was in that place was hostile. No matter how many times M fixed something like the water, it would tear up again! I was thankful when they moved out of that place! BRR!

2001-Late in the year, G’s Mother had passed away on Valentine’s Day of 2001 and later in the year we were back in Louisville, Ky and I was at work while G was in our bedroom or that area of the trailer. He said that he saw the shadow/silhouette of his Mother lean forward as if she was stepping from the living room to stand in our hallway but she quickly looked down the hall at G and then stepped back and vanished behind the wall. This spooked G somewhat. I told him it was his Mother coming to check on him.

2/13/02-While on Cavehill cemetery in Louisville, Ky, G and I saw a statue of a woman that looked JUST LIKE HIS MOTHER! We freaked out! This statue was of a woman squatting down reaching her hand over water while fish jumped up to her!! G’s Mother loved to fish and she had passed away on 2/14/01 almost a year to the day of us finding that statue!

2/22/01-Thursday-G and I were in his Aunt J’s basement in bed. I was reading and he was asleep. Suddenly, I watched the room darken with a black shadow as it came from behind our bed and it seemed to form right at the foot of our bed and it became a man’s figure! It moved from side to side and I silently elbowed G awake and he woke up and said, “I see it! I see it!” We were both creeped out! As we watched it moved backwards towards the window and the darkness was gone. G told me what he had seen and it was the very same thing that I had seen! Later we found out that one of his Aunt’s Mother had passed away that day. M’s Mother.

1999/2000-One night, G and I were coming home from a ride when right as we got to the Taco Bell sign, the light went off in the entire sign! As soon as we passed it, the light came back on!

1998/99/2000-Within this time frame, G and I were on Dinky road at night and this road is an old-timey road with no pavement or lights! Well, we got up to the top of the mountain when the headlights went off. I freaked out and told G to stop goofing off! HE was panicking and saying that he didn’t do it! I watched and heard him click the lights off and then back on! The lights were perfectly fine! A day or so later 2 of his Uncles were in a truck wreck but no one got seriously injured. -The night after we got back from Dinky road, I went to the bathroom and the light blew out on me. I started having 2 and 3 light bulbs blow out on me at a time within the next 7 years! And each time it happened, I would hear of a new death.

7/2003-D saw a black cloud over B’s home and within months, B lost his home to bankruptcy.

7/13/03-M heard a female voice call his name from out in the hallway in his Mother’s trailer. No one else was home at the time!

Early 1990’s-I had a dream about a black haired, black-eyed man wearing brown clothes and later that same day, Mom and I went to Food City to shop and I saw that very same man that I had dreamed about that morning!

1997-I dreamed of a woman that I had never seen before and a few days later, in Frankfort Walmart, that very same woman walked past me! Thing is, she stopped and turned to look back at me, too!!

From either 1980/81-Mom, Dad, J and I lived on Brushy and up Ray Hollow. We lived in an old house that had one end that was high from the ground and down below it, there was the road that led out of the hollow. Well, one night, Mom had this dream. It was pitch dark and she was out on that front porch looking down into the road, when she saw a little blond haired girl who looked to be about 12 years old. Mom noticed that she had a white dress on and what seemed like lights on the dress. The child just stared at Mom solemnly and scared Mom. Mom said she tried to get the child to come in out of the darkness but she just stood there looking at her! Right then, Mom started to go inside when the lights went out on the dress leaving everything in complete darkness. Mom said she woke up in a cold sweat!

Around 1982-We lived at this same residence and just a piece below us, lived one of Dad’s Uncles. We were all down there and it was late when we started home. Dad had walked on home first with Jason, and two of my 2nd cousins were going to stay all night with me. Mom, F, W, and myself walked up the road in the dark. Mom and F were unusually quiet and tried to walk faster than W and me. We were lagging in the back and just talking and not paying any attention. I think Mom and F told us to shush and hurry up. When we got home, Dad said he had seen a black figure in the road that went over to the hill. I freaked out! I told him he could have drove down and picked us up! He said he didn’t feel it was dangerous. Then, Mom and F told us that they had both sensed something watching us as we walked up the road! That is why they kept quiet and hurried!

Around 1980-We had just moved into the old house up Ray Hollow and it had an ell shaped porch on it. Plus there were a lot of windows around the walls that looked out onto this porch. One Sunday night, the 4 of us were watching tv. I think we were watching a rerun of Roots. Suddenly, we all heard heavy boots walking from the front porch around the side of the living room wall. We looked through the windows and could not see anything. Dogs were barking and Dad got up to go look outside but saw nothing! -Many nights, Dad would be working night shift and Mom kept porch lights on constantly to try to catch someone messing around. Mom and I would hear those heavy footsteps walking the porch and we would hear the old fashioned doorknobs turn! But we would see nothing!

1991-My Mother and I were home alone, Dad had died in 1987 and my Brother was at a friend’s house. It was on a Wednesday night between 8 and 9 PM. Mom and I were watching Unsolved Mysteries. We lived in a different house and this one had a glass window from top to bottom in the door and Mom had a light on outside. I was sitting in the floor in front of a chair right across from the door. I could just turn my head to the right and look out the door. Well, Mom and I were probably eating popcorn watching our favorite show, Unsolved Mysteries when we heard those slow, deliberate footsteps walk up the steps and right up to our front door and stop. I turned my head to the right and saw nothing! The curtain that Mom had made it easy to see out but not so easy to see in. I got up and looked and there was no one around anywhere!

Late 1990’s-R H A friend of my Husband and myself related this story to us; He and his younger Brother and Mother where outside around dusk dark one evening and they live near a mountain with a small wooden walk bridge crossing a stream to this mountain. On this particular evening, R, and his Brother Wes noticed something standing on the bridge and it was looking at them. The asked their Mother if she could see it and she stopped what she was doing and looked over at it. They all 3 describe this thing as looking like a man on 2 legs but having shaggy fur and a wolf’s head! They got scared and ran into the house and locked their doors! But after this incident, R got hooked on Werewolves and reads/watches everything about them.

1986/87-My Grandmother had some scary nightmares about her Daughter, my Mother. In one dream, she saw a large, African-American woman running down the train tracks towards her shouting, “Ms Cochran! Ms Cochran! Your Daughter is dead!” Another dream of my Grandmother’s was that Dad, my Brother, and myself were in our car but Mom’s seat was empty. Yet another dream of hers, my Grandmother watched as her Daughter was decapitated by the train and she watched her head roll down the embankment towards her! -Later in 1987, Dad died instead. Plus, 10 years later, Mom went out of her mind-a version of losing her head. -My Grandfather, Mom’s Dad, used to dream of caskets floating around houses before he heard of a death.

7/1996-I was doing something in my room and had my window open. A little yellow finch flew and sat upon my window edge and I knew it was telling me of a death to come. In August of 96, my cousin, a blond woman was decapitated in a car crash!

1/02-Another yellow finch sat at the window where I worked and this was around 1 AM when birds are supposed to be asleep! I knew I would hear news of a death soon. -1/31/02-The cousin, who was decapitated in the car crash in 1996’s Mother died of cancer.

1985-Summer, a sparrow flew into my Grandmother’s house and she told us that someone would die. 11/10/85-My Grandmother’s Mother died.

1981/82-A cardinal flew into our house and Mom knew someone would die soon. A short time later, one of her Aunts died.

2/19/07-A sparrow got into our house and neither G nor I saw where it came from! It is like it appeared and I opened the window so that it could fly out. I told G that I expected to hear of a death soon. -1/17/08-My Grandmother died.

3/08-A cardinal flew into our house and circled then flew out again. I told G that I would hear of 2 deaths. -6/5/08-G’s Grandfather died and 9/11/08-My Grandfather died.

6/07-I was the only one in the house and I was at the desk. I heard a thud and found out that G’s Skeletor figure had jumped off the wall.

6/22/07-I was alone again and asleep when a can of cooking spray jumped off the shelf and hit the floor waking me up.

In 2003/04-G and I were in a different part of KY. We were unable to go back to East KY to visit family and friends during that time frame, yet, our friends had a very eerie experience happen back in East KY. They were driving home by – when they saw a truck that looked like ours going up in -. They both swore that they saw G and me in the truck as well! They even followed us wondering what we were doing driving up there and not even acknowledging them. They went after the truck and could not find it anywhere, it was like it vanished! This was pretty spooky to G and myself who were nowhere near that area when M and C saw us.

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