More Spooky Stuff

Here are more spooky things that have happened

On Easter Sunday in 1997 8:59 PM– My Brother and I were getting ready to watch a TV show and we were the only two who were awake at the time. Well, on the tv sat a large stuffed dog and suddenly, it flew across the room at my Brother! We looked at each other and couldn’t figure out why the dog had done that. It seemed as if an invisible hand slapped it towards J.

November 2000–My Husband and I were in our home when he looked at me and said, “What on earth is that?” I looked at him blankly because, I had heard nothing. He said it sounded like a pie tin hitting all around the outside of the house. He went to look and found nothing. When he came back inside, he saw a white figure pass by the hall doorway. I saw nothing.

July 30th, 2000–My Mother was staying all night with me and my Husband was working third shift. We were watching The Blair Witch Project when I heard a knock on my door. Mom looked at me funny when I jumped to answer it. I thought it was my Husband’s Aunt and I even asked her what she wanted. When I looked, there was no one there. My Mom said she had not even heard the knocks.

In 2000, Summer–I heard my Father-in-law knock on our door. I jumped to answer the door and no one was there. I know his knock and was sure it was him. Well, when I turned away from the door, I heard the knock again. I ran to tell my Husband…who hadn’t heard anything.

August 7th, 2000–I was outside late, early in the AM, when I looked at my in-law’s house. I saw a ball of red light in the yard and when I looked on their porch, I saw a woman in white open the door and walk in the house! Thing is, my Husband’s Mother was very sick at the time and was bedridden!!! She passed on February, 14th 2001.

On November 9th, 1987–Mom and Dad were eating breakfast at a restaurant. Dad had just been to see the Dr. and was told he was in good shape. Well, Mom and Dad watched a bird fall from the sky, dead. That same night, Dad died of a massive Heart attack.

April of 1998–While in my in-law’s house with my Husband, we were the only two there at the time. I was walking downstairs to go to the kitchen where my Husband was making an Easter cake. Well, I heard footsteps follow me down those stairs and nothing was behind me.

February 13th, 2001–My Mother-in-law was in the hospital and several of her Brothers and Sisters were in the room with her. One Sister in particular was sitting with me in the window. Suddenly, a black shape stood at the door and came across the room and passed through us and the window!! I saw my MiL’s life flash before my eyes! How she played with my Husband and his Sister when they were little. The Sister looked at me and I at her, we looked out the window and a mist was passing across the lot. None of the other siblings noticed it. They either didn’t see it or thought it was an electrical problem. The next night, She passed away.

In 1974–My Grandfather had to go to the hospital because his Mother had had a stroke. When he got to the floor, he saw her standing beside her doorway and she looked at him then vanished. She passed away later.
Saturday October 16th–I awoke with a feeling of dread and sensed that something bad was going to take place that very day. I thought of someone bringing a shot gun to my workplace. At 6pm est, a truck crashed through the doors there and it sounded like shotguns going off. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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