The Turtle on the Tardis

The Turtle on the Tardis

Monday March 3, 2014-2.52AM-

I wrote down on Saturday evening, I heard heavy footsteps in the kitchen and that George thought he heard Dad. Well, George told me a while ago that he had heard someone walking around too and that was why he thought Dad was home. Dad was not home.

Around 4.20AM-Sunday morning, George and I heard the most awful screaming! It sounded like someone had a cat at our window and was pulling its leg off! I have been around cats and I know what sounds they make while mating and fighting and I swear that it was neither of those! George opened the window and looked out with a flashlight and could not see a thing! I grabbed a stick and went out and walked all around the house and could not find a thing! No cats anywhere or anything else! That freaked us both out! Dad never heard a thing!

I also found out that Saturday evening, George was sitting in our office room playing video games and he has a plastic turtle back massager sitting on a Dr Who tardis on his desk. It has been there for months. Well, he wasn’t paying any mind to it and had his back to it while playing games and the turtle came off of the tardis and desk and hit George on the back of his leg! It spooked him.

Sunday, I was home alone and I heard our laundry room door open. I thought someone had returned home and I walked in to check, I slowly opened the laundry room door and well, no one was around. That was eerie.

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