The Woman in the Window

Woman in the Window
Hello, my name is Tonya and I have had many unexplainable things happen both around myself and around my family and friends.
This tale happened in 1983 or 84 when I was 13 years old. My family consisted of my Dad, Mom, Brother and myself. In early fall of the year, Dad had chosen a warm day to go squirrel hunting, as this was Eastern Ky and it was hunting season.
Well, my Mother never went upstairs in this two story house so, that meant I had the whole upstairs area to myself and that suited me just fine.
On this particular day, as I had said, Dad went hunting and Mom was on the front porch while my Brother was playing out in the yard with our dog. I happened to be reading a book on the steps when the dog stopped playing and stared up into my bedroom window. My Brother and I went to look up into my window and there we saw that my light was on and my curtain was parted! But there was the shadow of a slender woman in the window and it felt as if she was watching us. Now, it couldn’t have been our Mother because she is a large woman and she was still on the front porch as we started calling for her.
Well, my Brother and I looked at each other, then we looked back up at the window. The light was off and my curtain was closed.
I never left my room without turning my lights off and I never left my curtains open, either.
We found out later that a woman had died in this house and the renters who lived there before us only stayed one night due to the fact the wife had got up to get a drink of water and encountered the lady standing over the heater saying that she was so cold.
This event has stayed with my Brother and myself through all of these years as one of our encounters that proved to us that sometimes things just can’t be explained.

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