Brace Yourselves!

From May 4, 2015
Well, as I watch the news about police officers being attacked around the nation, I am reminded that a police officer represents authority and the masses are rebelling against all authority figures at this time. Sorry to say, this will continue until 2020 and possibly even till 2025, due to Uranus in Aquarius squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn. You thought the 1960’s were bad? You have seen nothing as to how bad it is going to get. Pluto in Capricorn is changing the earth on a daily basis; let’s face it, you really don’t know if you will step outside your front door and the ground will just give way beneath you. This is very serious business and not to be taken lightly at all. As I read on another page, the earth will be different after Pluto leaves Capricorn. And things will never be the same again.
In the horoscope of the United States, we are having a Pluto return which makes it even more potent. Capricorn rules government, authority figures, status, and father figures. Pluto rules power, the dark side, sex, all things taboo; dark and twisted. And the square is coming from Uranus in Aries because Aries and Capricorn square each other. In the US chart, the Moon is in Aquarius and Uranus rules Aquarius. Meaning the people are ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Aries is hot tempered and wants its way, eons ago, much like a small child. In fact, Aries symbolizes youth. While Capricorn symbolizes the old ways of life and it is slow and will not be moved by anyone. So, you have the youth rising against the old, tradional ways of life to bring about change. All of the old traditions are being transformed.
Fiery Mars [Aries] is fighting against Stony Saturn [Capricorn] and neither are willing to give an inch to the other. These next few years are going to be something. Brace yourselves!

Astrology Report-Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus in Aries

Astrology Report-Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus in Aries

Everyday I see signs of what Pluto in Capricorn is doing to this country and world. Capricorn is a strong sign that represents structure and authority, it represents corporations, capitalism, and government and it is a sign of restriction-making do with less.

Now, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and this planet destroys everything it hits! It rules sex, death and rebirth. It transforms all that it touches and it will FORCE you to change whether you want to or not.

I see ISIS-a group of Muslim men whom want to impose their beliefs on the entire world and at the same time, they can’t get enough sex. Capricorn and Scorpio both want others to bow to their will and obey them. So Pluto in Capricorn is a heavy dose of do as I say! These men are raping women en masse-Pluto in Capricorn. And then killing them or using them as slaves. The themes are happening over and over.

Capricorn also rules the structure of society and Pluto is breaking it down steadily. Even the earth is falling apart, earthquakes and sink holes are happening everywhere and buildings are falling apart. Road ways and bridges and other things are just collapsing as Pluto destroys every thing we were ever used to.

Now, let’s add the square [tension] from Uranus in Aries to this mess and you get the populace ruled by Uranus-The USA’s Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. Aries is another cardinal sign like Capricorn and it squares off against Capricorn while Uranus is going through this sign. The youth [Aries] are rebelling [Uranus] against the old [Capricorn] in powerful [Pluto] ways.

Everything that people have ever been used to and are clinging to is being transformed or destroyed. There is no turning back from it, either.

People who have Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn planets or angles in their charts, will be strongly affected by these times. I suggest you get your charts done and prepare for the worst because this stuff is going to go on for quite a while.

Uranus takes seven years to complete a sign and it won’t be leaving Aries until 2019. And Pluto can spend up to thirty years in one sign, it won’t be leaving Capricorn until 2024. So, batten down the hatches and try to survive these rough years!

Uranus >The Lightening Struck Tower
Aries >The Fool
Capricorn >The Devil
Pluto >Death

Now, Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn and until next year, it remains in the sign Scorpio…ruled by Pluto so this makes Saturn influence the Pluto in Capricorn time even more strong.

Saturn is strict and tolerates no frivolities.

I have noticed that comedians have come under attack more and more since a few years back. This is due to the Capricorn/Saturn influence. Capricorn is not one for laughter or joking around, especially over what they consider serious topics. Thus you see people not putting up with jokes about serious issues now.

Another topic that is in the news assisted suicide. End of life right to die issues are coming up more and more. Capricorn rules the elderly and Pluto rules death so expect more older folks to be helped into the next life. There have been talk about death panels, but within the next few years, this will be a big issue.

Life as we knew it is changing and those that thought the 1960’s were an era of change haven’t seen anything like what is going on now. Good luck to all!

The Voice

Thursday July 16, 2015

I wanted to write about something that happened on May 29, 2015. My husband and I were outside around 11PM and suddenly, we heard a man’s deep voice. I heard it ask my husband how he is. But my husband only heard his name being said. There was no one around anywhere and it spooked both of us.

In the past, whenever someone hears my husband’s name called, it means something either has or will happen to a family member.

Just recently, his grandmother’s last sibling passed away. Making them all passed on.

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