Perhaps the destruction that was predicted for September is now going to start in October. Let us look at what is happening right now.

Another explosion in China which happened on the last day of September. Someone is sabotaging China big time.

A mass shooting in Oregon on a college campus which has left at least 10 or more dead, with 20+ wounded. Wonder what the motive for this one will be? No doubt the Liberals will scream bloody murder about taking guns from everyone. If those students had been armed, someone could have shot and killed that maniac before he went through shooting the place up!

Russia is now doing air strikes in Syria to stop the rebels and Iran and China may join them. Russia is trying to protect Assad, because strangely, all of the former dictators of the middle east have been removed. Hmm…looks like the USA have their hands in this cookie jar. Nothing but trouble! I say go RUSSIA!

America has made one of the stupidest moves ever! Allowing Iran to get their grimy hands on nuclear power. The USA should of just handed them a few A-bombs and let them go ahead and blow the shit out everyone else. No doubt Iran will break their necks to get nukes to use against America and Israel. I have news for the planet, anyone trying to nuke or destroy Israel will be up shit creek with no paddles! God will destroy anyone that harms Israel.

Want to start Armageddon? Mess with Israel. Because once that happens, volcanoes will erupt, lightning bolts will hurl from the heavens and plagues will hit every corner of the planet! How about that lightning bolt that hit that mosque? It took out a hell of a lot of Muslims. But they don’t get the message, just like the frigging God-less in America! God will not hold his peace! Keep pushing HIM and he will erupt in fury!

And for you morons out there that claim that nature is just random, you have shit for brains! GOD CONTROLS NATURE! IT IS BY HIS COMMAND THAT THESE STORMS, VOLCANOES, FIRES AND OTHER DISASTERS HAPPEN! He lets these things happen to humans and animals to WARN us of our getting too arrogant.

Now, we have outright mocking of God and satanists putting statues up. FRIGGING MORONS! Think that satan gives a shit about you? And just because you don’t believe in him, does not change things! Ignorance is no excuse. You play with fire and you will burn forever!

Open your eyes and see that we are being destroyed because of our turning against GOD ALMIGHTY!

The Bible is right on track and coming true. Things are going to get worse on everyone for the stupidity of the majority!

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