Weird Things Going On

Tonight, my husband and I were coming home and a big owl flew right at us and just flew across our windshield. Now, this is a bad omen especially in my opinion because birds getting too close to me always presages death and mishaps to people I know. A little over a week ago, my husband and I startled an owl while pulling out of our yard and a few days later, his sister’s boyfriend had to be rushed to the hospital for open heart surgery around 9pm. Back in February of 2016, I dreamed of an owl looking in the window at me and this was a very large great horned owl. Within days, a close relative of my husband suddenly died. In January of ’16, a big red-tailed hawk suddenly appeared from nowhere to land beside me in a Walmart parking lot! I could have reached out to pet the bird but I was utterly shocked! All of my life, I have watched them circling the skies and wished fervently that I could see one up close in the wild and when it happened, I was just utterly in awe and I also knew it would mean news of someone’s death. The bird sat for a minute and lifted its wings and it was gone. I SWEAR that I could not see it fly off! It is like it appeared suddenly and vanished suddenly! Within two weeks someone that I cared for deeply died. Birds have always been warnings of death/disaster for me and my family. Another instance, in August of 1997, I was sitting in my room with my window open and a little yellow finch flew and sat on my windowsill. I recall looking up and seeing it and it flying away. Within days, a blond cousin of mine was decapitated in a car crash! Now, in October of 2001, I was in a different city and was at work alone around 1am in the morning when I heard something pecking at the window near me. I looked over and there was a little yellow finch sitting there and when I looked at it, it looked up at me and flew off. First, I found it odd that it was flying around a city at a time when birds sleep. Second, I knew to expect bad news. It wasn’t long after that I learned the mother of my cousin who’d been killed in the car crash, had died from cancer. I have many more examples of this, but for now, I am still expecting bad news. I will add that birds are not the only messengers of death for me. Warnings come in dreams, knocks, lights, & just about anything else unexplainable. And I have had a great many in the last several months. I am expecting anything to happen at any time.